Important Consumer Warnings and Safeguards about renting Hawaii Vacation Accommodations.

Warnings to vacation renters:

Beware the person who does not divulge their office location or direct phone numbers – Beware those who rent only Online, or remotely from unknown locations, especially if they provide no direct and/or local way to contact them. Such operators often cannot or may not provide on-island assistance to guests, or hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. Again, be especially cautious if a rental company or person can only be contacted by E-mail or by phone only during limited times, and especially if no street address and management office phone number is shown Online, or if all matters are handled by some person or party that has little or no direct knowledge of the accommodations or their condition.

Beware those who cannot be found or assist when you need them most – Beware rental operators or persons that only work limited schedules, and be unavailable to assist you in time of need and persons renting only only one or two accommodations are generally unable to offer alternative accommodations should a breakdown occur, such as failure of the hot water heater, refrigerator or plumbing system. Problems sometimes occur and visitors need on island support.

Beware unlicensed and vacation rental operators operating with one or two condos & stay safe! – Beware unlicensed vacation rental providers who may operate outside the Hawaii law designed to protect visitors by requiring rental providers to have on-island management so guests may have a local management contact to remedy problems during their visit. Understand the the State of Hawaii is less able to provide remedies to visitors when problems occur, if the rental accommodation provider is off-island or unlicensed.

The safeguards and benefits of booking vacations with Hawaii Vacation Condos Inc:

Seventeen years of guest satisfaction – Hawaii Vacation Condos has provided quality Hawaii vacation rentals because of years of a direct connnection and relationships with property managers on all Islands. Most of our guests are satisfied repeat visitors or their friends. We treasure our reputation for excellence and work hard to uphold it. Members of the Online BBB with an A+ rating. Members of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau. We have two decades of Hawaii knowledge and expertise.

On Island Support for all of our vacation rentals- To assist you properly, all of our condos and homes have direct connections to property managers on island and near your vacation rental.

Hawaii Vacation Condos and all of our property managers can assists guests 24 / 7 – To assist guests should an urgency arise, Hawaii Vacation Condos Inc. provides emergency telephone numbers on island, plus our office is open and staffed every day. Be cautious if a someone can only be contacted by E-mail or only by phone during limited times, or only located on the main land and especially if no street address and phone number is shown online or all matters are handled by a third party some where on the mainland.

Clean, superior accommodations & their maintenance – Hawaii Vacation Condos closely with property managers to provide clean vacation rentals. Also prior to and following every guest occupancy there are careful and thorough cleanings and inspections. We work closely with Hawaii property managers to provide well furnished and maintained up-to-date accommodations.

Honest, straightforward – Hawaii Vacation Condos Inc. clearly and fairly states its offerings, its refund and cancellation policy for each individual rental. Also there are no hidden or resorts fees charged by Hawaii Vacation Condos Inc. other than normal fees charged on any rental.

Online protection against theft of customer’s private information- Hawaii Vacation Condos reservations web site utilizes highest security standards to safeguard private information and identity. All information, including credit card information, is fully encrypted using strong encryption before transmission in order to provide the utmost in security.

If you need anything don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide additional details and/or references.